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(Source: Huffington Post)

“Hey Arnold!” writer and voice actor Steve Viksten died Monday at the age of 54.

Viksten voiced the character Oskar Kokoshka, a mooch with an ambiguous Eastern European accent, on the iconic Nickelodeon TV show. There’s no word yet as to the cause of his death.

In addition to his memorable performance as Oskar, Viksten shined as a writer. According to The A.V. Club, Viksten wrote the “Hey Arnold!” movie, as well as some fan-favorite episodes including “Arnold’s Hat” and “Stoop Kid.” His writing credits also include episodes of “Rugrats,” “Recess,” “Duckman” and “The Simpsons.”

"We are deeply saddened to learn that Steve Viksten has passed away. Steve was a gifted artist and we were honored to have the opportunity to work with him on our beloved shows ‘Hey Arnold!’ and ‘Rugrats.’ Our heartfelt condolences go out to his loved ones," Nickelodeon, which confirmed news of his death, said in a statement to The Huffington Post.

Craig Bartlett, who created “Hey Arnold!”, posted a memorial about Viksten to his Facebook page on June 24.

“Steve Viksten, who wrote many of my favorite Hey Arnold! Stories, died yesterday. I was lucky to be near to so much talent for so long. RIP,” the post reads.

Commenters have since been showering the thread with their condolences.

"RIP Steve Viksten… Thank you’ve for using your talent and allowing it to bring joy to thousands of kids, teens and adults,” wrote one.

"RIP, thanks for contributing greatness to my childhood,” wrote another.

With all of that said, I wanted to make this memoriam here. Oscar was that lovable clumsy character we knew as just another member of the boarding house. But, every member of that boarding house has such a unique backstory to them. Cartoons aren’t made the same way anymore. Guys like Steve Viksten brought these stories to life, and I’m grateful for having a cool, engaging, and educational animated series growing up.

Rest easy.

Thoughts on “Vengeance is Mine”:


I just…that was…I can’t…WOW. That episode was just WOW. There is no other way to describe it. Emotion, character growth, action, darkness, plot, intensity, all of the good things. I’m literally going to hyperventilate, so I need to review this before I die. 

Haven’t seen the episode yet? That explains why you’re still alive. And it explains why you should avoid the spoilers in this post.

Oh, you think you can handle this insanity of an episode? I will not be held responsible for the death of your feels. Click here.image

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